chapter  90
Stress Inoculation Training for Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders
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Group psychotherapy is about building connections between people and building bridges between their self-awareness and those aspects of themselves, which have been disavowed. The intervention of using mindfulness in group psychotherapy is effective with most patients both in short-term and longer-term groups. This intervention is best used with patients who fall within the normal range of intelligence and who have the ability to step back from themselves and observe their feelings and their behaviors. This intervention can be used by Therapists from different theoretical orientations including psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral. The psycho-dynamically oriented Therapist can also use this intervention in terms of the patient being mindful of transference issues with the Therapist, each group Member, and the group as a whole. The cognitively oriented Therapist can use this intervention while perhaps focusing more on the patient's thoughts and schemas.