chapter  1
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Introducing sport, leisure and social justice

ByJonathan Long, Thomas Fletcher, Beccy Watson

An obvious aspect of social justice in the context of sport and leisure is access and participation: all people having the right to participate regardless of their 'race'/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, (dis)ability or other identity markers. Despite the potential of sport and leisure practices to respond to a social justice agenda they may be overlooked as somehow apolitical. Whether examining sport, physical education (PE), recreation, leisure, culture, the arts or tourism the chapter considers 'social justice' as the motivation shaping much of the research at the Centre for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) through a desire for social change. Over the years some commentators have implied that leisure and sport scholars have been rather loose in their theorisation and implementation of concepts like social justice and equality. The chapter also presents some of the key concepts of this book.