chapter  11
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‘Knowing me, knowing you’

Biographies and subjectivities in the study of ‘race’
ByKevin Hylton, Jonathan Long

This chapter examines the biographies that makes US more aware of the forces at play and therefore helps to challenge such essentialising categories which significantly improves approaches to social justice. The nature of contract research privileges an external client's desire for research to assist them in achieving their own goals. Any clash of ideologies is unequal given the power relations involved. Fundamentally, our research participants have the right to expect that the version of their world that is reported is not one unthinkingly filtered by an asymmetrical relationship. However, people recognise the strengths of critique and subjectivities. It is also the responsibility of the researcher to expound those differentiated positions in decision-making environments. This chapter demonstrates the complexity of these processes and their interpretation, which cannot, of course, be achieved independently of the researchers' own Blackness and Whiteness.