chapter  12
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Black women, Black voices

The contribution of a Spivakian and Black feminist analysis to studies of sport and leisure
ByAarti Ratna

This chapter provides a more detailed theoretical account of both Black feminist epistemology and Spivak's thesis and its significance and relevance for critical social science work in sport and leisure. It addresses the problematic representation of Black women in sport and then examines the epistemological tenets of the work of Spivak and Collins. The chapter also provides some consideration of 'who' should and could represent the sporting lives and voices of Black women. It focuses on the value of postcolonial thinking (Spivak) and Black feminist thinking (Collins) for social justice projects. The chapter presents the sport and leisure researchers with one way of garnering knowledge that can be used to improve Black women's material realities. The humanist vision of intellectuals such as Spivak and Collins reflects their political desires to effect change for the good of humankind more broadly, for women and men who need strategies to thrive and survive in relation to conditions of marginality and discrimination.