chapter  13
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Researching the wrong in sport and leisure

Ethical reflections on mapping whiteness, racism and the far-right
ByKarl Spracklen

This chapter expresses that to understand the mechanics of exclusion and hegemony it is sometimes necessary to explore the voices and spaces of the hegemons in sport and leisure. It focuses on the leisure of heterosexual, hegemonically masculine men watching soccer or playing rugby. Social justice, as a moral imperative, means that to address the structural and cultural inequalities that lie at the heart of sport and leisure, while offering solutions or policies or directions for ourselves or others to take action. The chapter also focuses on the methodological and ethical issues involved in mapping whiteness, racism and the far-right in sport and leisure, using the research on heavy metal as a case study on how to situate oneself as an ethical but critical researcher. Black metal is a sub-genre of extreme metal, related to death metal but constructed in opposition to it.