chapter  14
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‘Problems at the boundary’?

South Asians, coaching and cricket
ByThomas Fletcher, Dave Piggott, Julian North

This chapter focuses on South Asian men's experiences of playing and coaching cricket. It highlights how South Asian male cricketers feel marginalised from a 'coaching system' that they feel is both separate and exclusionary. The nature of the coaching appointment process, described by minoritised ethnic coaches as informal, closed and lacking transparency, excludes and marginalises many minoritised ethnic coaches from new opportunities. The chapter provides a data structure that allows for explanation of the problems identified at a number of different levels inside and outside South Asian and non-South Asian groups, and where possible at the agential, institutional and wider socio-cultural levels. It focusses on illustrating separate systems and pathways; and the exclusive cricket system. Identifying and documenting mechanisms of marginalisation and exclusion is a relatively straightforward task. The more important challenge is to scrutinise what sport and leisure research might do to mitigate these mechanisms and subsequent injustices.