chapter  15
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The policy and provision landscape for racial and gender equality in sport coaching

ByAlexandra J. Rankin-Wright, Kevin Hylton, Leanne Norman

This chapter explores the social justice issues of racial and gender equality and diversity in sport coaching. It focuses on organisational perspectives on racial and gender equality(ies) and addresses the often unacknowledged and unproblematised question of institutional accountability. The chapter provides a brief overview of the UK sport coaching landscape through the lens of equality. It illustrates that racial and gender equality are compromised in sport coaching due to the pursuit of elite performance and the ways that key stakeholders dissociate responsibility and accountability. The chapter expresses that social justice issues and values are poorly conceived within sport coaching and that more informed leadership is required at all levels within organisations to ensure that these issues are centralised and mainstreamed. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a theoretical framework that facilitates a politics of social justice that begins with centring 'race' and racism in society.