chapter  16
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Moving forward

Critical reflections on doing social justice research
ByGabby Riches, Alexandra J. Rankin-Wright, Spencer Swain, Viji Kuppan

This chapter outlines how the research of postgraduate students working within the diversity, equity and inclusion, DEI research centre reflects the many 'calls for action', responds to current social justice debates within leisure studies and aligns with and seeks to extend the boundaries of the social justice frameworks. It establishes new ways of conceptualising what it means to do social justice leisure research and discusses the potential for its future applications. The chapter defines all doctoral work that takes place within the centre. It highlights the diversity of approaches and frameworks used in doing social justice research. The chapter reviews how social justice has been taken up within the leisure studies literature and considers how these debates inform recurring issues. Critical race theory (CRT) and Black feminism facilitate a politics of social justice by challenging dominant cultures and discourses within society and sport that marginalise and oppress certain individuals and groups.