chapter  5
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Feminist leisure research

Shifts and developments
BySamantha Holland

This chapter examines the strategies and rationales that women employ when seeking to find moments of individual leisure time, despite ingrained and normalised inequalities in accessing leisure. It expresses that the very act of having any sort of leisure time becomes enough in and of itself, even if the leisure activity is not strictly only leisure, which is why, and how, women's leisure is often conflated with other, more routine, activities. Leisure is 'deeply gendered' which makes studying it, or trying to define it, a mutable, complicated issue; not least because it is embedded in structures of power, both within and outside of the home. As feminist leisure theorists have argued, women's domestic, leisure and work lives tend to overlap. By examining women's leisure across generations we begin to build a picture of what, if any, progress has been made in women's ability to access leisure time.