chapter  6
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Gender justice?

Muslim women’s experiences of sport and physical activity in the UK
ByMatzani Rozaitul, Katherine Dashper, Thomas Fletcher

Social structures and arrangements that institutionalise exploitation and inequality, and result in uneven access to wealth, leisure time and the public sphere limit the abilities of some members of society to interact with others as peers. Nancy Fraser's conception of social justice thus has analytical flexibility to be applied to cases such as that considered in this chapter, in which access to and engagement in sport for women who are Muslim appears to be affected by both distributive issues, access to and ease of use of sporting facilities and associated resources, and issues of recognition, such as the wearing of the veil and desire to practice sport and physical activity in culturally and religiously appropriate ways. The chapter focuses on dimensional conception of social justice to consider some of the sporting experiences of women who are Muslim within the UK, and the extent to which those experiences are mediated by issues of distribution of resources and cultural (mis)recognition.