chapter  13
Greenlandic international trade and investment issues
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Under the international laws of state responsibility a state may incur responsibility for an international wrongful act against another state that may give rise to a requirement for reparation. A state is responsible for all its territorial units such as provinces and municipalities – this follows from the concept of the unity of the state. Trade restrictions or interferences with an investment may potentially trigger such international responsibility. Should a situation occur where international responsibility in a trade or investment controversy arises, it becomes relevant to establish whether Greenland can be held responsible in the relevant forums. This situation is becoming increasingly likely to arise given the potential for foreign investments in Greenland, which is bound to give rise to more controversies. In addition, with more people living and working in Greenland there will be an increase in international trade, raw materials extracted will be exported, and food for the new additional workforce needs to be imported (not to mention construction material to build infrastructure, accommodation for foreign workers, etc.).