chapter  2
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Chasing the Long Tail of Climate Change

ByMatti Pohjonen

This chapter details a case study of the Environmental Collectives of Youth in Brazil, Coletivos Jovem de Meio Ambiente (CJMAs), and their role in promoting responsible environmental behavior (REB). The CJMAs originated from an initiative of the Brazilian Ministry of Environment with the support of the Ministry of Education in the organization process of the 2003 First Children and Youth National Conference for the Environment in Brazil. After the initial period and the completion of that survey, the Councils started to be institutionally recognized as Environmental Collectives of Youth (CJMAs). The Environmental Collective of Goias Youth, Coletivo Jovem de Meio Ambiente de Goias (CJMA-GO), was created is 2003 during the process leading to the First Children and Youth National Conference for the Environment. This can also be said about the election process for the Children and Youth National Conferences for the Environment, previously detailed in this chapter.