chapter  6
Layamon, Brut “The Death of Arthur”
ByJames J. Wilhelm
Pages 12

Tidings came to Arthur, who was in his tent, That the emperor was dead, deprived of his days. Amid a broad meadow Arthur made a pavilion, And there he commanded Lucius to be carried, 13,900 And he ordered him covered with golden clothes And kept under watch for three whole days. And all this while he had a rich work made: A chest that was long and overlaid with gold. Inside this bier he put Lucius’s body, A most lordly man while his lifetime lasted. Then Arthur did more, that marvelous Briton; He made a collection of all of the corpses Of the noblest kings and earls and knights Who had fallen in battle, had fled from life. 13,910 He had them buried with brilliant pomp. Three kings he commanded to carry Lucius In a casket that was grand and exceedingly costly.