chapter  14
Thomas of Britain, Romance of Tristran Tristran’s “Marriage Soliloquy” and “The Ending,” translated by Joan Tasker Grimbert The “Hall of Statues” episode from the Norse Tristrams saga ok Ísöndar, translated by Peter Jorgensen
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Like Béroul’s romance, Thomas of Britain’s Roman de Tristran is preserved as a fragmented text. Unlike Béroul’s, however, it has come down to us not in a single segment but in nine separate ones contained in seven different manuscripts. Although one recently discovered fragment recounts the potion scene, all the others retell the part of the romance covering Tristran’s exile in Brittany-from his ill-fated attempt to forget his beloved by wedding Ysolt of the White Hands to his protracted wait for Ysolt to arrive in time to heal him, which ends in the death of the two lovers.