chapter  7
The Psychology of African-Centered Education
Pages 34

The challenges that confront the nation’s system of education are significant, and yet people of all colors can no longer afford to engage these issues with attitudes that appear to perpetuate the status quo, or seem content with empty promises of “No Child Left Behind.” The condition of our nation’s schools; the growing disparities in educational achievement outcomes among culturally different students in general and African-American students in particular; the difficulty in lower income families accessing quality education; the scarcity of the best and the brightest college graduates who pursue teaching as a career; the lack of affordability for the middle, working, and lower classes; and the recurring debates about affirmative action in higher education mandate that these issues occupy a more central place in the discourse of our nation’s domestic priorities. It is the premise of this fourth edition that African-American psychologists and others must speak boldly and clearly about these issues as well.