chapter  2
Lenses for Understanding Culture and Cultural Differences,
Pages 37

Whether you are a manager engaged in implementing a new work process, an evaluator charged with examining the effectiveness of an intervention, or a market researcher seeking innovative ways of capturing new consumers, you will confront cultural issues in your work. As a manager, you may discover that certain groups within your home organization are reluctant to adopt the new work process developed in Germany. In fact, you have heard people comment, “Over my dead body!” As an evaluator, you are worried that the intervention worked better with virtual workgroups rather than those that were located in the same facility. You know your boss will not be pleased with these results because this intervention was her initiative. As a market researcher, your career mobility and your organization’s long-term survival are dependent on figuring out how to attract younger female shoppers to your lingerie products, which compete head on with Victoria Secret. Oh, and you are supposed to do this when the economy is flat!