chapter  4
18 Pages

Psychological connections with work

WithChristina Maslach, Cristina G. Banks

This chapter provides summary reviews of the empirical research on the connection between various psychological needs and wellbeing outcomes. They include the three core needs postulated by self-determination theory (SDT) (autonomy, belongingness, and competence) but also several other psychological needs, or states, that have emerged as important psychological factors for workers. The need for autonomy has been defined in SDT as people's desire to experience ownership of their behavior and to act with a sense of volition. The need for belongingness or relatedness has been defined as the human striving for close and intimate relationships and the desire to achieve a sense of communion and belongingness. The SDT version of competence also emphasizes mastery of the environment, but includes the development of new skills. Recent sets of studies provide clear evidence that certain features of work and the workplace pose a danger to employee health.