chapter  14
Interviewer’s note
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Ghosh’s greatest strength was possibly his casting, handling and preparation of actors. With the cast interviews, we were fortunate to have conversations with three iconic actors who were greatly admired by Ghosh himself – Sharmila Tagore, Aparna Sen and Jaya Bachchan. We chose to speak with actors with whom Ghosh’s connection went beyond films. Their relationship extended far beyond the projects they worked on, they shared personal friendships which evolved over the years. They were lifelong friends and influences in his life. Ghosh’s childhood idol and inspiration was Aparna Sen, whom he directed in his second film Unishey April and later in Titli . Sharmila Tagore was cast as the glamorous film star in Shubho Muharat , but had met Ghosh over several script pitches over the years. Jaya Bachchan remained an adviser and friend from his early years till she acted in a later film, Sunglass . With all three, early introductions were formed during Ghosh’s stint as editor of a film magazine Anandalok and they continued to feature in his television chat shows and live stage conversations in later years.