chapter  4
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Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Technological Breakthroughs: An analysis of US State-Level Patenting: Carolina Castaldi, Koen Frenken and Bart Los

FRENKEN et al., 2007; BOSCHMA and IAMMARINO, 2009; BISHOP and GRIPAIOS, 2010; QUATRARO, 2010, 2011; ANTONIETTI and CAINELLI, 2011; BRACHERT et al., 2011; BOSCHMA et al., 2012; HARTOG et al., 2012; MAMELI et al., 2012). Results tend to show that related variety indeed supports productivity and employment growth at the regional level, though some studies suggest that the effects are sector-specific (BISHOP and GRIPAIOS, 2010; MAMELI et al., 2012).