chapter  9
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Path Renewal in Old Industrial Regions: Possibilities and Limitations for Regional Innovation Policy: Lars Coenen, Jerker Moodysson and Hanna Martin

Since the early 1990s there has been an ongoing engagement in the field of regional studies with the particular problems, challenges and strategies for renewal of old industrial regions (BOSCHMA and LAMBOOY, 1999; COOKE, 1995; HASSINK, 1993; HASSINK and SHIN, 2005; HUDSON, 1989, 2005; KAUFMANN and TÖDTLING, 2000; MORGAN, 1997; TRIPPL and OTTO, 2009). This literature is primarily geared to identify and analyse the typical problems found in the innovation system of such regions focusing on issues related to path dependence and lock-in. Old industrial regions are typically considered to be those overspecialized in mature industries experiencing decline. A key challenge for regional development strategies concerns the question how such industries and regions may, or may not, be able to break out of locked-in paths of development by pursuing innovation, new technological pathways and industrial renewal.