chapter  1
A population perspective on the steady state economy
ByHerman E. Daly
Pages 4

This chapter describes some key features of the green economy, the circular economy and the blue economy, and to discuss how they relate to the steady state economy. It focuses on these three concepts as they have probably been the most prominent in recent government and business forums. The chapter examines the green economy concept, particularly as outlined by UNEP. It also focuses on the currently topical circular economy concept, which has adopted and extended Cradle-to-Cradle ideas, and has most recently been associated with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The chapter discusses how these three models compare to the steady state economy, including how they address the issues of population and consumption growth, which are core issues in the steady state economy model. It provides an overview of three recent, prominent models of such transformation and has compared them to the older concept of the steady state economy.