chapter  9
Physiology of women’s soccer from competitive to recreational level
WithMagni Mohr
Pages 7

The popularity of women's soccer has increased markedly and globally one of the sporting activities that display the fastest growth rate. On a global basis there are more than 30 million active players, and elite women's players are employed on either a professional or semi-professional basis. The activity pattern during women's soccer match play along with the effect of factors such as the standard of competition, playing position and fatigue has been explored extensively. However, it is unknown whether the differences were associated with inferior technical abilities of women players compared to men, and/or greater degree of fatigue development. The solid evidence has emerged that recreational soccer appears to be a broad spectrum training method causing improved cardiovascular, metabolic and bone health. In Women's soccer is an intense intermittent activity where prolonged intermittent exercise is conjoined with brief intense runs and explosive movements.