chapter  16
The emergence of the Danish Soccer Fitness concept
WithLaila Susanne Ottesen, Søren Bennike, Lone Friis Thing
Pages 12

This chapter describes and analyzes the Soccer Fitness concept and reveal the extent to which this design is innovative and viable. It starts with a short introduction to the changing landscape of sport, which provides a framework for understanding the link between football and health. The chapter presents the results of an analysis of the changing landscape of soccer describing the thoughts and ideas behind the design of the Soccer Fitness concept. It discuses as to whether Soccer Fitness is sustainable as a health-promoting concept. The concept of recreational soccer is linked to the Danish club tradition, which can be traced back to the Danish Constitution of 1849, which guaranteed the right to freedom of association. The shift to professional soccer brought a change in the organizational structure of both the Danish Football Association and some clubs, whereas the shift to Soccer Fitness has more impact on the nature of the game.