chapter  1
Muscle power training in soccer
WithJesper Løvind Andersen, Per Aagaard
Pages 8

Soccer has become more and more intense and the physical demands are increasing. Therefore, the physiological strain imposed on players is also progressively increasing. When working with soccer players, Heavy-resistance strength training is a key element for improving maximal muscle strength, rate of force development and power output, respectively, but we suggest broadening this training focus using the generalized term 'Muscle power training'. Muscle power training includes three levels: basic muscle power training which refers to training that aims at increasing muscle mass, strength and power; transference power training which aims at improving the ability to perform maximal or near-maximal soccer-related movements. At last, soccer power training which aims to improve muscle power output during intense, soccer-specific actions. In the years to come the game of modern soccer most likely will develop even further in a direction towards faster and more intense player actions, in turn imposing progressively increasing demands on maximal muscle strength and power.