chapter  23
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Functional gastrointestinal disorders and eating disorders

ByCatherine Boyd

This chapter summarizes the evidence in relation to the comorbidity of eating disorders (EDs) in functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) cohorts and provides recommendation relating to treatment. There are some common features between EDs and FGIDs. These include the preponderance of females who seek medical attention for both eating disorders and FGIDs. Patients with eating disorders focus on dietary intake and output, and many develop food preferences. Management of functional gastrointestinal disorders in patients with eating disorders is not dissimilar to patients with FGIDs who do not suffer from an eating disorder. Patients with eating disorders have a high morbidity and mortality, and best practice of the management of patients with eating disorders is to involve a multidisciplinary team as early as possible in the treatment of the illness. Psychological features were among the significant predictors of specific and coexistent FGIDs in a group of female inpatients with eating disorders.