chapter  12
21 Pages

Urban Facebooks as digital planning and marketing tools in the ‘New Urban World’

ByKarima Kourtit, Peter Nijkamp

The 'New Urban World' is a recent phenomenon in the rich history of cities. City marketing has become a strategic instrument and an important part of the city's positioning strategy to attract more residents, visitors, or enterprises so as to enhance the welfare and sustainability of the city concerned. This chapter aims to highlight the strategic importance of modern digital information and data tools and operational management systems to address the challenges of complex urban systems for building a sustainable urban future. It explains the great potential of sophisticated digital information tools for a balanced future-oriented urban policy. The chapter also explains what is referred to as the 'Urban Facebook for Urban Facelifts' strategy, supported by high-quality visual assessment tools employed to analyse the intense interactions between different stakeholders, for mapping novel redevelopment initiatives. It provides a series of empirical illustrations in order to highlight the great power of modern policy tools.