chapter  2
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The divided city and the patchwork metropolis

ByRichard Florida, Patrick Adler

Urbanists and geographers have long been concerned with the factors that shape and structure our cities and metro areas. This chapter summarizes the key findings of a larger research project on the shape and form of the increasingly divided city and the patchwork metropolis. It identifies three types of patterns present in the divided city and metropolis: "Core-Oriented", "Class Bloc", and "Fractal". In Core-Oriented metros, a large concentration of the creative class is found at or around the core. Still, this pattern does not completely correspond to an inverted pattern, as the advantaged creative class extends considerably into the suburbs as well. In the Class Bloc model or type, the metro is essentially split into separate locations for creative class and the service class. In the Fractal type, the advantaged class is strung out in a series of islands, archipelagos, or even tessellations spread out across the city and suburbs.