chapter  3
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Ephemeral urbanism

Looking at extreme temporalities
ByRahul Mehrotra, Felipe Vera

In contemporary urbanism around the world, it is clear that in order for cities to be sustainable, they need to resemble and facilitate active fluxes in motion, rather than be limited by static, material configurations. The expanded version of the idea of the kinetic city under the rubric of ephemeral urbanism presents a compelling vision that enables a better understanding of the blurred lines of contemporary urbanism – both spatial and temporal – and the influence of people in shaping spaces in urban society. When temporal urban landscapes are seen as the expression of a distinctive form of urbanism a potentially productive dialogue is established between ephemeral settlements. These settlements span a diverse range, from refugee camps to weekend long festivals along with other temporal urbanizations configured for celebration. Ephemeral settlements serve as short-term reconstruction efforts that are key parts of planning to reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience.