chapter  8
Quotes, Blogs, Diagrams, and Counter-storytelling
Teaching Intersectionality at a Minority-Serving Institution
ByNaomi M. Hall
Pages 21

This chapter focuses on the importance of integrating an intersectional framework into teaching and learning opportunities for undergraduates. It overviews intersectionality and its use as a pedagogical foundation. Rooted in Black feminism and critical race theory (CRT), intersectionality is a term used to describe an analytical approach reflecting on meanings and consequences of holding membership in several social groups simultaneously. Early iterations of intersectionality focused on the experience of holding multiple disadvantaged social identities for individuals. Intersectionality provides an analytic framework for critically examining transecting social identities such as race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender, ability, religion, nationality, and social class in an academic context. Intersectionality, which promotes social justice and diversity, provides an important strategy toward achieving social justice. Students needed a solid foundation in using an intersectional framework to appropriately analyze the quotes. Blogs are dynamic and can be integral to the intersectional framework learning process.