chapter  15
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The Importance of Overflow and Chunking in World-Building and the Experiencing of Imaginary Worlds

ByMark J. P. Wolf

One of the pleasures of enjoying an imaginary world is the experiencing of the newness of a world, and the ways it differs from the world we know, which allow the audience to imagine what life might be like in other possible worlds. Such an experience relies on the feasibility and completeness of the world depicted, and this often involves a wealth of detail about the world, and its lands, peoples, history, cultures, languages, and other such infrastructures. In many cases, there is much more world information available than what is needed to tell a particular story or even set of stories, in order to give the world in question greater verisimilitude and allow an audience to answer questions they might have concerning that world. For someone who enjoys the experience of another world, sifting through such data constitutes a certain type of pleasure in itself, and one which is commonly found in the experiencing of imaginary worlds.