chapter  6
Remaking the global
Social media and undocumented immigrants in the US
ByMeghana V. Nayak
Pages 18

Undocumented immigrants residing in the US do not have legal authorisation to enter, live or work in the country. Some might be domestic workers, while others might be seeking asylum. Others may have inadvertently or purposely overstayed their visas. This chapter explores how undocumented immigrants and their allies in the US utilise social media to confront the negative perceptions about these communities. By doing so, undocumented immigrants exercise political agency and challenge how the US enacts sovereignty. Laura Shepherd discusses the problematic production of knowledge claims in international relations (IR) in her contribution to this volume, imploring readers to consider what counts as evidence. Digital media literacies are shaped by gender, class, geography and race. The chapter highlights few of the ways knowledge claims about and problematic practices toward undocumented immigrants can be disrupted. Accordingly, it investigates the insurgent, subversive uses of social media to take seriously the link between digital contexts, world politics, and popular culture.