International Migration Decisions and Happiness
The Migration Happiness Atlas as a Community Development Initiative
ByMartijn Hendriks, Kai Ludwigs, David Bartram
Pages 17

International migrants move in search of a better life. The immigrant community is a prominent group that needs support in reaching their happiness goal because a considerable proportion of immigrants do not become happier through migration. These disappointing migration outcomes often result from immigrants’ inaccurate expectations about life in the host country. The immigrant community in the destination country is well placed to provide accurate information on the happiness outcomes of migration. We developed and launched a tool, called the Migration Happiness Atlas, in which immigrants can build on each other’s experience through bottom-up community participation. This tool provides important input for evidence-based choices, more accurate expectations and the development of problem-solving resources among potential and existing immigrants. Ultimately, the collaboration between researchers and immigrant communities offers a great opportunity to stimulate greater happiness in these immigrant communities.