chapter  11
24 Pages

Corpus linguistics and critical reading and thinking

Proposals for teaching learning sequences based on journalistic corpora in Modern Standard Arabic
WithNadia Makouar

This chapter show that the possibility to integrate corpus analysis tools into language learning activities along with a critical thinking approach. Corpus linguistics used for data-driven learning (DDL) includes quantitative methods to carry out linguistic analysis. It allows linguists to uncover discursive patterns through frequency calculations and statistics. The findings clearly point to the potential of the approach and of using corpus analysis tools and metalinguistic awareness in enhancing participants' reading and critical reading/thinking skills. The chapter demonstrates that it is possible to develop a hermeneutic reading process and improve interpretative and knowledge-construction process skills and strategies, as well as build more interdisciplinary bridges in the curricula. Considering the increasing flow of contradictory information in the media, it seems important that language learners gain access to authentic content in class and make critical observation of language data.