chapter  6
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Tourism aspects of the XVII Rome Olympiad

ByS. Cassar, S. Creaco

The designation of Rome as the venue for the XVII Olympiad was the final step in a journey which began in the early years of the twentieth century. In his Me´moires olympiques, de Coubertin (1931) recalled how as early as March 1903, Senator Todaro, President of the Italian Gymnastics Federation, had already made a formal request for Rome to host the IV Olympiad. The Federation was not unanimous in its backing of the proposal, however. Rome’s bid was supported by the secretary to the Federation, Fortunato Ballerini, while others forcefully promoted the claims of Milan and Turin. de Coubertin himself stepped in to support Rome’s bid; he was convinced that only the Italian capital could restore the Games’ luster which had been so badly tarnished by the turmoil of the 1900

and S. Creaco

Games in Paris and the 1904 Games in Saint Louis. Both events had been staged alongside decidedly chaotic expositions (Guttmann, 1992) (Figure 1).