chapter  8
Pharmacological and Somatic Treatments in the Perinatal Period
ByMelinda A. Thiam, Carla W. Schnitzlein, David S. Hodson, Daniel J. Lee
Pages 24

This chapter serves to assist providers in understanding the current evidenced-based research on various medications. Additionally, the field of medicine is perpetually changing; new evidence may be published in the future that contradicts evidence. While there are many additional challenges to consider in the treatment of mental disorders in pregnant women as a whole, the chapter focuses on treatment in pregnant and postpartum women who are active duty or active duty family members. Treatment challenges and potential barriers to care may present differently in general pregnant and postpartum population and may have different challenges than treatment in a military setting. The chapter focuses on the most common medications used in the treatment of maintenance phase of bipolar disorders. Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN) is a potentially fatal condition in which neonatal resistance to pulmonary blood flow fails to lower after birth.