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Introduction: Cultural values and entrepreneurship

ByNorris Krueger, Francisco Liñán, Ghulam Nabi

A greater understanding of the relationship between cultural issues and entrepreneurial activity is important because of its implication for national and regional development and growth. Yet, many questions remain unanswered. For example, what is an ‘entrepreneurial culture’? What does it look like, what influences its presence or absence? How do we know, how do we measure it? Furthermore, the central question is: How do cultural values influence entrepreneurial activity? Conversely, how does entrepreneurial activity influence cultural values? Entrepreneurship scholars do not need experts like Granovetter (1983) to persuade us that entrepreneurial activity is irretrievably embedded in social and cultural norms and values. However, we have found rather quickly that understanding this co-embeddedness beyond a superficial level is challenging. Accepting these challenges will move the field forward in important and likely in unexpected directions.