chapter  10
Using mixed methods in developmental psychology: From scale errors to death
ByKarl S. Rosengren, Isabel T. Gutiérrez, Matthew J. Jiang
Pages 18

There are many reasons for researchers to employ multiple methods in their research. One reason for using a mixed method approach in research is that different

research techniques can help you gain better insights into a problem. A second reason is that complex research questions, especially ones that are interdisciplinary in nature, may need to be tackled from multiple angles. A third reason for using mixed methods is that this approach can provide converging evidence for some phenomena. The use of multiple methods may help the researcher establish that the research can be generalized across tasks and situations to a larger extent than a single method. Researchers may also choose to employ multiple methods given that there is no perfect research method; by using multiple methods in research, different methodologies can overcome limitations of a single research design or method.