chapter  4
Climate change as comprehensive security in the continuum
Geostrategy and geoeconomics in the time and place of the Indo-Pacific
ByTimothy Doyle
Pages 14

This chapter focuses on a new form of intermittent globalisation a form of deterritorialisation which is, in fact, the creation of the Indo-Pacific region (IPR) as a liquid continuum, super-region, or non-region. As argued in the first part of the chapter, this version of the IPR has emerged as one dominant but competing view, largely promulgated within United States defence circles. Moreover, as shown in the second part of the chapter, it becomes particularly powerful in both geostrategic and geoeconomic terms when coupled with the dynamics and markets of global climate change which provide the perfect narrative space for this neo-liberal de/reterritorialisation. Although the Cold War, as Mastanduno (1998) argued, saw connections between economy and geopolitics emerge forcefully, the entrenchment of neo-liberalism in the decade of US-led multilateralism which followed the demise of the Soviet Union further entrenched both the discourses of realpolitik and real markets.