chapter  6
China anxieties in the geopolitical cartographies of the Indo-Pacific
ByChengxin Pan
Pages 17

This chapter briefly surveys the Indo-Pacific debate and examines how the debate has not paid adequate attention to the issue of the Indo-Pacific as a discursive construct. It focuses on how the Indo-Pacific has been enabled by a suite of geopolitically informed discourses and practices concerning the rise of China in the Asian regional order. To understand the discursive production of the Indo-Pacific, we need to examine American geopolitical imaginations about the world in general and the rise of China in particular. Takashi argues that it was this China factor that led Japans Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advocate the East Asia Summit (EAS), an Asian regional concept that would allow Japan to redraw the geopolitical map of East Asia so as to include Australia, New Zealand and India as additional counterbalances against China. Another case in point is Australia's decision, although not before much dithering, to sign up to the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).