chapter  4
24 Pages

The Effects of Accountability

A Case Study from Indonesia
ByArt Broekman

This chapter focuses on the global trend to enhance teacher accountability and explores the consequences of some new 'accountability policies' on teacher's work in Indonesia. In the first section, the global 'accountability movement' will be explained. Subsequently, in the second section, the Indonesian situation concerning accountability will be addressed. Finally, in the fourth section, initial reactions and reflections concerning the implementation of these policies will be given. It aims at improving teacher performance and accountability by developing a new incentive system and a new instrument for performance appraisal. Market competition approaches are based on the assumption that increased competition for students among schools, for example by introducing a school voucher system, will lead to more accountability. The Teacher's Law is designed "to provide a much-needed incentive for teachers to improve their qualifications and professional skills". The implementation of the Teacher's Law is assisted by the BERMUTU project.