chapter  14
The media and politics in Scotland
ByDavid Hutchison
Pages 16

This chapter explains that the research evidence about the relationship between the media and political behaviour is less than conclusive. For politicians broadcasting is equally, if not more, important. During the Scottish referendum campaign both the major Scottish broadcasters staged debates between Alex Salmond and the leader of the Better Together campaign, Alistair Darling, which were watched by audiences as large as those gained by major sporting events. Successive commentators have emphasised the importance of the media to Scottish life. The Scottish reader can choose among home-grown titles and those which, with or without Scottish editions, are London newspapers circulating throughout the British Isles. Scottish viewers and listeners have access to a range of UK-wide services and also to several designed in whole or in part for Scotland. ITV, which was once a federation of strong regional broadcasters, such as Granada and Yorkshire, is now a national service with some regional opt-outs.