chapter  11
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Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

ByRachel Crockett, Jennifer Stock, Tatiana Christides

The discipline of health psychology is concerned with the application of psychology to the understanding of health and illness. While managing ill health in older adults is important, as it is at any age, this chapter presents a case for the importance of promoting and supporting health behaviours, specifically physical activity and healthy eating, in older age as a means to maximise health and promote positive aging. It presents a summary survey of evidence suggesting beneficial effects of physical activity and healthy eating on positive aging. While there is considerable evidence linking health-promoting behaviour across the lifespan on well-being and longevity in old age, the summary draws on evidence linking the effects of engaging in physical activity and healthy eating in later life on outcomes across this life stage. The chapter outlines an overview of some of the challenges that engaging in physical activity and healthy eating can present to older adults.