chapter  14
16 Pages

Environment, Housing, Health, and Social Care

WithJill Stewart, Ann Pascoe, Elaine Wiersma, Hilde Verbeek

This chapter considers the complex relationships of environment, housing, health, and social care and the importance of local amenities, community, and services. It explores how more effective integrated services can help address inequalities for older people, for those aging in their own homes and carrying personal responsibility for its maintenance and adaptation, and explores more specialist and purpose-built residential care homes with aging already factored into the design. The chapter also explores the wider community and how people can better utilise existing social capital in addressing loneliness and isolation and extending this more widely into dementia-friendly communities. It looks at meaningful activities to address declining health, frailty, loneliness, and isolation, as these areas risk being overlooked. Policy principles aim to enable older people to remain at home for as long as possible, although this is not always feasible as care needs increase.