chapter  2
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What is Positive Aging?

ByJennifer Stock, Pat Schofield, Rachael E. Docking

There are many terms that are used for aging-related initiatives including 'active aging' and 'healthy aging'. The Centre for Positive Ageing at the University of Greenwich was conceived, set up and led by Professor Pat Schofield, which brought together multidisciplinary academics from faculties across the University with expertise in aging-related topics to develop worthwhile research projects. Negative priming of attitudes towards aging were found to elicit a three-times greater detrimental effect on health outcomes compared to the beneficial effect of positive age priming in older adults, either implicit or explicit. Negative attitudes towards aging also independently predicted poorer memory performance and hearing loss after controlling for other established predictors. There is currently limited evidence on the impact of aging education programmes to reduce ageist attitudes and increase positive attitudes towards aging. A recently completed project involved the development of a self-management training programme on positive aging for older adults and was delivered by older adults.