chapter  4
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Positive Aging, Positive Dying

Intersectional and daily communicational issues surrounding palliative and end-of-life care services in minority groups in the United Kingdom and the United States
WithCarlos Moreno-Leguizamon, David Smith, Clarence Spigner

This chapter discusses: palliative and end-of-life care services; the UK and the USA ethnic classification and a further need for intersectionality; death and dying main concerns for ethnic minorities in the UK and the USA as per the literature. The journey through life has an end and an ending process: physical death and physical dying. The chapter aims to contribute to the debate over what a "good" or "positive" death and dying process might mean. It discusses four components: a definition and characterisation of palliative and EoL care services; how ethnic minorities are classified in both countries; how more culturally sensitive communicational and intersectional approaches could capture the complexities of identity markers in minorities around physical death and the process of dying; and what the literature in both countries, supported by some empirical data from a one-year study in the UK illustrate are common themes in both countries for minorities in general and for some country-specific groups.