chapter  29
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Co-learning the city

Towards a pedagogy of poly-learning and planning praxis
ByAdriana Allen, Rita Lambert, Christopher Yap

This chapter offers some critical reflections on the methodological and epistemic conditions underpinning the pedagogical approach developed through the journey of Learning Lima, with specific reference to a number of interrelated learning pathways: learning trans-locally, co-learning; learning spatially; learning through individual and collective critical reflection; and the significance of practice-oriented learning for the production of actionable knowledge. The discussion draws on reflexive portfolios produced by ESD students and from observations and interviews conducted by the third author with members of Learning Lima in London and overseas. Through Learning Lima we adopt three interrelated sites in the mapping process: the reading, writing and audiencing of maps. The strategic inclusion of various actors in the city within these sites brings to the fore a plurality of knowledges and contributes to reframing previous diagnoses and to identify strategic opportunities for transformative change.