chapter  2
Ideological Criticism and Pluralism
ByRichard Levin
Pages 7

Catherine Belsey says that formalists sought a way of "smoothing out" or "censoring" the play of ideological "contradictions" which, she insists, "in reality constitutes the literary text". Pluralism enables people to live together and talk to each other because they can understand and respect different approaches. When enough people have been converted to the right political position, pluralism can be suppressed in favor of monism, which is its only alternative, and all of them will have to practice the same form of ideological criticism. Pluralism represents the germ of truth in the anti-objectivist position, it is actually very different, since it does not deny the possibility of objective knowledge of the text. And so do some feminists in what the author thought was the most depressing part of their Forum letter, where they attack his appeal to "evidence that compelled the assent of all rational people, regardless of their gender or ideology".