chapter  6
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Individual and relational contributors to optimal sexual experiences in older men and women

A. Dana Ménard, Peggy J. Kleinplatz, Lianne Rosen, Shannon Lawless, Nicholas Paradis, Meghan Campbell and Jonathan D. Huber
By. aa éard, eggy J. leinplatz, Lianne Rosen, Shannon Lawless, and Joathan . r

Older adults have often been depicted as largely asexual: physically unattractive, uninter-

ested in sex, and/or physiologically unable to engage in sexual behaviours (Bouman,

Arcelus, & Benbow, 2006; Gott & Hinchliff, 2003; Waltz, 2002). The media has

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and Therapy,

Vol. 30, No. 1, 7893,


reinforced this message. Explicit depictions of sexualized older adults remain taboo or

marginalized as the subject of ridicule (i.e., “dirty old man”; Vares, 2009).