chapter  12
The Changing Audio, Visual, and Narrative Parameters of Hindi Film Songs
ByAnna Morcom
Pages 10

This chapter explores some of the key developments of the musical format in Hindi films from the beginnings of sound film. It examines how songs are embedded in film narratives, the meanings of song and singing in Hindi films looking in particular at their role in melodrama. The chapter discusses the way in which film songs navigate a 'double life'. It shows how they are linked to their 'parent' films in their musical styles, sounds, and structures whether in the form of direct publicity material for the film or in ways that can become distant and pretty much untraceable to the original film. In 1935, separate recording of the audio track became possible which were then played back as they lip-synched while filming. Since around 2010, Hindi films have started to eschew lip-synched songs, favoring non-diegetic background songs, or song-and-dance sequences that are staged diegetically in the narrative.