chapter  8
Grace in moving and joy in sharing
The intrinsic Beauty of communicative musicality from birth
ByColwyn Trevarthen, Stephen Malloch
Pages 16

Creating Beauty, however intricate and stylised the technique or ritual form of its production, expresses impulses of play that are essential to our human nature. Sensing and creating Beauty is part of a human life from the start, and, infants seek cooperative and sympathetic responses to their intuitive experiences of pleasure from parents. The chapter presents three particular instances of the expression of Communicative Musicality in spontaneous playful performances of infants with their parents to illustrate the technique of descriptive analysis. These are the melodic story of a 'proto-conversation', dialogue with a 'premature' sense of Beauty in a song of companionship, and enjoying participation in the story of a familiar ritual. As a psychotherapist and a musician, in the course of sitting and talking, and sitting in silence with his clients, experiences moments of creating a sense of intimate trust with others by sharing expressive movements – moments of Beauty.